Wildest Izakaya Menu

Wildest taste of africa

Unique swellendam experience

A life time of honing restaurant kitchen skills lets us reflect on our new menu and present to you fine cuisine.
The wine cellar reflects the unique tastes

Twenty five years of service excellence.
Passion from our kitchen traditional and eclectic.

dine under the stars
weather permitting


to begin

naan bread,savouries,garlic olives, oil,herbs

vegetable soup du jour

crocodile sashimi-kecapmanis-wasabi-sushi rice

kudu carpaccio wafers smoked in rooibos tea-balsamic-spiced greens

warthog bitterballen-panko-sweet mustard

salmon-cold and hot smoked in oak-pearl caviar-kepi mayo

chefs salad du cap-greens=vegetables-garden herbs-side dressing

and then

african platter-widebeast & ostrich fillet-butternut cream-labneh-tabuleh-beets

kudu fillet-shabu-udon noodles-sate vegetables-herb spiced broth

beef fillet-flame grilled-brandied mushroom tarot-herbed potatoes-baby vegetables

springbok ragout-tagliatelle pasta-parmesan shavings-micro herbs

malay chicken curry-basmati rice-popadom-sambals

falafel-humous-labneh-lentil salad-pita

to end

dessert selection du jour